Original Space Nicks Cartoon

Saint Nick and the Space Nicks Cartoon Animation

This version no longer exists, well, not here anyway. I’m linking you to the new, improved version.

“Saint Nick and the Space Nicks” is written by Richard Chase Mears and illustrated and produced by Bill Westerfield. If Clement Clark Moore’s ‘The Night before Christmas’ and Dr. Seuss were to have a child, this would be it! With Richard’s smart and snappy writing and Bill’s whimsically detailed illustrations, they have created a wonderful new spin to the traditional Christmas story.

Space Nicks is narrated by the celebrated Robert Krulwich and has original music by John Cain.

I created this fun Christmas cartoon animation on Discreet’s Flame. I actually taught myself how to use the Flame while making this cartoon. I’ve been thinking it’s time to update the animation to HD and a 16 x 9 format but first I’d need to find the time.

New copies of Saint Nick and the Space Nicks are available on this website and are autographed by the illustrator, Bill Westerfield.