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Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

More rapid than light they sped through the night,

And passed Sputnik and Beatnk, and the Eagle in flight.

Saint Nick and Venick flew into star space,

And the whole universe smiled like a big happy, face.

Christmas was everywhere that they could see,

And when they reached Venus, Santa laughed, “Can this be?”

The stars, they all glistened and sparkled so bright,

And lit up the heavens with Christmas tree light.

-an excerpt from ‘Saint Nick and the Space Nicks’

Fun Fact #3

I discovered Harry Potter because of the Space Nicks. True. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the movies I kept hearing how great J.K. Rowlings books were. When I began the final illustrations for the Space Nicks, I needed something to keep me company as I was sick of all my music at the time so I gave Harry a shot. I bought the audio CDs narrated by Jim Dale. Wow. I still remember how gobsmacked I was listening to ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’. Saying I loved the books would be an understatement.

Richard Chase Mears has written a timeless classic, creating a unque spin on a traditional Christmas tale. Add Bill Westerfield’s imaginative illustrations that burst with color and the Space Nicks literally fly off the page. Young readers are invited on a Christmas adventure they’ll never forget. So buckle up. As Venick from Venus might warn, it’s a bumpy ride but one that’s worth it.

Follow Saint Nick as he meets Venick from Venus, an alien Santa, lost and far from home. When Saint Nick decides to help, he and Venick travel through space and meet all the Space Nicks.

New copies of Saint Nick and the Space Nicks are available on this website and are autographed by the illustrator, Bill Westerfield.