Mega Meme Man Olympic Open


Project: Mega Meme Olympics for ABC-TV’s Good Morning America.

The Mega Meme character was designed and created by Buster using Flash, After Effects and Cinema 4D.
My job for GMA was to recreate the character and Buster’s original open for use on Viz Artist.

GMA and ABC-TV Promos wanted the Mega Meme character to be used in a variety of animations that could be repurposed for different animations including new opens, chips and Lower Thirds.
With Viz Artist I used the polygon tool to recreate the Mega Meme Man character in almost every pose I found. After the shapes were created, coloring came next.

The main purpose was to create vector artwork versions of the character so I could create my own animations for GMA and not have any limitations when it came to how tight I might want to zoom in. Creating all the body parts as vectors meant that I would be able to easily create new costumes and color changes on the fly.
Mainly I was able to integrate my more complex illustrations and style to the new finished animations.

Mega Meme Olympics Open is a variation of the original open created by Buster. Using the vector artwork I created I was able to craft a version for the 2014 Winter Olympics.