Meet the Space Nicks

Meet the Space Nicks!

Saint Nick and the Space Nicks is written by Richard Chase Mears, author many wonderful novels including Ebb of the River, The Bard Club, and Anubis Rex. Space Nicks is a rollicking, ‘Out of this World’ Christmas adventure for children of all ages. But with this story, the magic really happens with the artwork. Richard’s snappy writing comes to life and springs off the page with Bill Westerfield’s whimsically detailed illustrations. Together, Richard and Bill have created a wonderful new spin to the traditional Christmas story.

The Story

St. Nick is delivering his toys on Christmas eve when a strange object pops from into sight! After it crash-lands St. Nick discovers Venick from Venus, a strange purple creature with long purple hair! Dressed exactly like St. Nick, Venick tells him that while delivering his own toys on Venus, he tripped on a star and traveled from near to afar, ending up lost here on Earth. Fearing he will not be able to complete his task, he asks our St. Nick for help. When St. Nick says yes, a whole new world of Christmas opens up to them.

Follow St. Nick and Venick as they travel through space and meet all the Space Nicks! It’s an adventure you won’t forget and reminds you whenever you’re lost, look to the sky, to the heavens above, there are billions of stars that sparkle with love!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s one of the many reviews Space Nicks received!

“Saint Nick and the Space Nicks is a light-hearted, rhyming Christmas story with terrific color illustrations, appropriate for pre-schoolers. In Mears’ active imagination, Christmas is everywhere in space – and each planet has its own Space Nick. This is a goofy story that kids will certainly enjoy, but the illustrations are the best part of the book. The colors are bright and the wide variety of space creatures – versions of Santas and reindeer – are so clever.”


Kids Love the Space Nicks

If Clement Clark Moore’s ‘The Night before Christmas’ and Dr. Seuss were to have a child, this would be it! Sit back and let the Space Nicks take you away on a magical adventure. It’s a cleverly rhymed tale of our Saint Nick befriending and helping other ‘Nicks’ from outer space.

It’s a Christmas tale you won’t forget and reminds you whenever you’re lost: “Look to the sky, to the heavens above, there are billions of stars that sparkle with love!”


Venick’s sleigh is pulled by eight tiny Go and a Gazoo. Even though a Gazoo looks like a walrus, it’s not. A Gazoo is blue. And, a Gazoo definitely isn’t John Lennon. A spokesperson for Mr. McCartney did not return our calls.

New copies of Saint Nick and the Space Nicks are available on this website and are autographed by the illustrator, Bill Westerfield.