Even More Space Nick Fun Facts

The Space Nicks

Saint Nick was amazed and astonished to see,

So many creatures dressed exactly as he.

Some were as plump as a hippo could be,

And some were as thin as the twig of a tree.

Some had two heads or three heads or more,

and some had long beards that reached down to the floor.

-An excerpt from ‘Saint Nick and the Space Nicks’

Fun Fact #4

Saint Nick has received a Christmas card from Venick every Christmas since they met, postage be damned.

Richard Chase Mears has written a timeless classic, creating a unque spin on a traditional Christmas tale. Add Bill Westerfield’s imaginative illustrations that burst with color and the Space Nicks literally fly off the page. Young readers are invited on a Christmas adventure they’ll never forget. So buckle up. As Venick from Venus might warn, it’s a bumpy ride but one that’s worth it.

Follow Saint Nick as he meets Venick from Venus, an alien Santa, lost and far from home. When Saint Nick decides to help, he and Venick travel through space and meet all the Space Nicks.

New copies of Saint Nick and the Space Nicks are available on this website and are autographed by the illustrator, Bill Westerfield.