Keira is a budding young artist/animator. She is never too far from a set of sharp pencils and ream of paper. Her lack of tools has done nothing to stop her desire to learn animation. ‘Avocados!!!’ was created with FlipaClip. She loves recording brief audio snippets of herself, her brother, or friends and then going to town.

Salad Fingers

I particularly love Keira’s short animation. It brought to mind David Firth’s classic Salad Fingers. If you’ve never seen it, stop, collect yourself, and after finishing surfing this site immediately google Salad Fingers – you won’t be disappointed – it’s sooo brilliantly weird!

Keira’s animation is brief, weird, but most of all very funny and cool. She uses her mum’s phone and her Kindle Fire to create her funny shorts. I think she needs to have a talk with her dad about seriously upgrading her resources.