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Stubborn Pixel Studios

Artist • Illustrator • Animator • Designer • App Developer • Susquehanna Hat Salesman

I have many favorite styles, but one thing always stays the same… I create high-quality art. It’s what I do.

I am an award-winning graphic designer/animator for ABC-TV in NYC. The awards include BDAs, Emmys, an Edward R. Murrow and the prestigious Peabody.

I illustrated and produced my children’s book, SAINT NICK AND THE SPACE NICKS then self-published with the story’s writer, Richard Chase Mears.

Check out my blog, Mitigating Circumstances. Although I find blogging about myself really hard to do, I’ll do my best to keep it up to date. I’ll also shine a spotlight on friends; fellow artists, animators, designers, writers, and app developers by posting their events and successes here. As we all know, being talented sometimes isn’t enough. Sometimes we need a little help, a little push and most of all… a little luck. There are so many talented artists out there that just haven’t found the ‘Open Door’ most of us are looking for. The door that leads to successfully capitalizing on our talent. Too many times our efforts lead to only the ones that are locked. We want to pick that lock.

Now, relax and take a tour through my shop. I’m proud of my artwork and I hope you’ll find something that steals your heart.

Thank you,

Bill Westerfield


I sell on Etsy

Feel free to head over to my Etsy Shop if you feel more comfortable ordering from an established store. I have a larger selection of my work there. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings (especially if you still purchase something from me).

If you’re looking for a bargain and want art prints on Matte Paper instead of the higher quality Giclee Art Prints, I sell them there.

I also sell greeting cards at my Etsy Shop. Check ’em out!

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