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iHeartthisApp.com Space Nicks HD Review

Saint Nick and the Space Nicks HD – Christmas Interactive Storybook

Posted on December 5, 2013

Saint Nick and The Space Nicks is an interactive storybook app that not only captures the whimsical fun of the original story, but also adds to the overall experience by adding in animations and hidden interactive elements. Expose your children to the universal appeal of Christmas while he learns a lesson or two about helping others with this very good storybook app.

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Saint Nick and the Space Nicks Storybook app for iPad, iPhone and Kindle Fire HD was created by Emmy and Peabody Award winning ABC-TV artist, Bill Westerfield.

Based on the original children’s book, Saint Nick and the Space Nicks is the hypothetical collaboration between Clement Clark Moore’s ‘The Night before Christmas’ and Dr. Seuss! With Richard Chase Mear’s smart and snappy writing and Bill’s whimsically detailed illustrations, they have created a wonderful new spin to the traditional Christmas story. All that plus it’s wonderfully narrated by NPR’s celebrated Robert Krulwich.


‘Space Nicks’ tells the story of how St. Nick meets Venick from Venus. Venick is a strange purple creature with long purple hair and is dressed exactly like St. Nick. Venick tells St. Nick that while delivering his own toys on Venus he tripped on a star and tumbled from near to afar, ending up lost here on Earth. Fearing he will not be able to complete his task, he asks for help. When St. Nick says yes, a whole new world of Christmas opens up to them.

Follow St. Nick and Venick as they travel through space and meet all the Space Nicks! It’s an adventure you won’t forget and reminds you whenever you’re lost, look to the sky, to the heavens above, there are billions of stars that sparkle with love!

The storybook app has 32 pages of whimsically detailed illustrations by Bill Westerfield with hundreds of interactive buttons, visible and hidden, that trigger animations, draggle objects and silly sound effects that kids will love!

Head over to spacenicks.com and order your copy of the delightful ‘Saint Nick and the Space Nicks’ Children’s Book now!