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Two Rooks – The Butterfly Princess


‘Two Rooks’

A voice filled Philly’s head, but it wasn’t his mistress’s. It wasn’t painful like hers, but if he listened, it could be just as dangerous.

Promise me. Shu has a good heart, but he isn’t strong like you or me. You must protect him.

His wife’s request repeated in his head.

Protect Shu. Keep him safe.

Steady as a drum beat.

(excerpt from The Butterfly Princess)


Rose is a strong-willed but troubled young girl. Her home, the Kingdom of Golden Hill, has lived under a dark cloud since her beloved brother, the crown prince James, ran away. His abrupt departure left a once tight-knit family in tatters. Now, two years on, Rose is in grave danger. Banrion, the Shadow Witch has waited a long time to strike and on Rose’s birthday, the opportunity arrives. Rose is cursed, turned into a butterfly and brought to Banrion’s distant lair.

Banrion has a cruel game in mind: Rose is released and must get home before the setting of that night’s full moon to reverse the spell. If Rose fails, she will remain a butterfly, and lose her memories.

Once Rose’s desperate quest begins, many creatures come forward to help — even a few Banrion would never suspect. An ambitious plan is hatched utilizing other cursed victims, known as changelings. Their mission: to serve as Rose’s guides across the many dangerous miles. A powerful bond is forged between Rose and her newfound friends, redefining for her the true meaning of family.

But, even with their help, nothing is certain, the road is long and full of twists and surprises. Banrion has many eyes and she doesn’t play fair.


All illustrations for The Butterfly Princess began as drawings in my sketchbook and finished in Photoshop. ‘Two Rooks’ is available for sale at my Etsy Store.











TWO ROOKS is available for sale two ways. The first is with the book’s title incorporated into the artwork. The other is to have the artwork free of text. Yes, that nasty stubbornpixel.com watermark will not be on the finished piece of art. Have it your way.


Each giclee is printed on Superior, ULTRA THICK 310gsm William Turner Matt FineArt Paper by Hahnemuehle utilizing Epson UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta ink cartridges (pigment-based) for unprecedented gray balance, outstanding tonal range, and astounding color reproduction. Archival-quality, Genuine mould-made 100% white cotton paper with a matte watercolor texture.
Collectors will enjoy its true matte surface with elegant texture. All giclees are fade resistant and museum quality.

All work is available on Etsy at Stubborn Pixel Studios


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