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Southbury Autumn Craft Festival epilogue

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 2 steps forward. 1 step backward.

Well…. at least we sold a few items. Unfortunately, we didn’t sell enough to come out in the black. We didn’t even cover the $110 entrance fee.
At first I thought we’d have a little trouble when we got there. An exhibitor that was assigned to be next to us was squeezing into our space with her suitcase to ‘save’ room for a friend and fellow exhibitor. We were assigned a corner slot and because of the smaller table had no problem setting up.
When the organizer came by, this exhibitor began complaining that she had already requested to be next to her friend. Virgil (the organizer) then asked if we wouldn’t mind moving to the position you see in the photos. We didn’t mind at all as it was a much better slot. It was literally a 10 foot move. We had the wall at our back and a much nicer exhibitor next to us.



Funny enough, the exhibitor we made room for was the one who bought the only print that sold from us that day – a Kirk and Spock airbrush print. Even funnier, Heidi bought something from the ‘space invader’ exhibitor for Keira.
We ended up with a nice display, but we also discovered that a 4 ft table is just too small. We had no place to play the Space Nicks DVD or even the basket which held the extra watercolor prints. At least we had an extra chair that the basket sat on.
My helpers were great.They made it very easy to be there with us. I thought that at some point Heidi would have to take them because it would be too boring for them, but they hung tough and made me proud. It did help that they were able to play Minecraft on the iPad and laptop during a few of the long stretches of no customers. This is also where our move to a location with the wall at our back really paid off. The kids were able to play undisturbed without getting under any of the other exhibitors feet.
CraftShow_Display_4CraftShow_Display_7 CraftShow_Display_10
Aidan’s job was making rubber band wristbands. “If you buy something, you get one of my wristbands as a gift.”
Keira’s job was to come around the table to customers and show them the Space Nicks HD app on the iPad.
They both took their respective responsibilities very seriously and neither had to be asked twice to get out there with the rif-raf.
Heidi did a great job scouting the other exhibitors for advice about Craft Shows in general and where the best ones are. One of these exhibitors was a pretty girl and she came over with a list for us, Aidan gave her one of his wristbands. He was obviously smitten and when she left he said, ‘She’s beautiful.’ in a soft and dreamlike way. Heidi and I just laughed.
Because it was so dead, some of the exhibitors/vendors began  packing up an hour early. I held out hope for another 1/2 hour, but no dice, no sale. I thought briefly about trying to cancel out of the Danbury Show, but in the end I figured, wtf. One week closer to Christmas, might be all it takes for our sales to pick up.
So roll on Danbury Craft Show on November 17th. Well I guess the good news is that I won’t have to go crazy making new prints or greeting cards. We have plenty of stock left over from Southbury.


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