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Southbury Autumn Craft Festival 2

The Southbury Autumn Craft Festival is fast approaching this weekend. Am I ready? Well, maybe. My Greeting Card Display stand arrived from Amazon last night. I drove to Alphabet City in NYC last saturday to pick up the 2 metal free standing display stands (for my artwork prints) from Victoria.

The only thing left is completing printing and packaging my artwork. The big question is do I keep with a complete Holiday theme and keep the prints of the Space Nicks artwork…  or see how my landscape and figurative watercolors do. Well at least I have plenty of ink and enough Hahnemuhle’s William Turner Matte Fine Art paper to print plenty of both.

Southbury Autumn Craft Festival at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1284 Strongtown Rd. (Rte. 188),  Southbury, CT on Sunday, Nov. 10, 11a -5p

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