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Smartappsforkids.com’s ‘Autism Acceptance Month’

Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month

Stubborn Pixel is participating in Smartappsforkids ‘Autism Acceptance Month’. For the entire month our Christmas storybook app, ‘Saint Nick and the Space Nicks’ will be 67% off. Written by Richard Chase Mears, Space Nicks is a clever twist on the traditional Christmas tale. Santa discovers that Christmas is not bound to earth alone. He meets Venick, a Space Nick from Venus that has lost his way and in danger of not completing his own Christmas deliveries. When Santa decides to help they meet all the Space Nicks from all the planets in the galaxy!

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 Saint Nick and the Space Nicks HD

Only .99¢ 

Space Nicks Hd is available for iPad at the iTunes Store and also for Kindle Fire HD at Amazon’s Appstore.

Wonderfully narrated by NPR’s Robert Krulwich.

Written by Richard Chase Mears.

32 pages of whimsically detailed illustrations by Bill Westerfield with hundreds of interactive buttons, visible and hidden, that trigger animations, draggle objects and silly sound effects that kids will love!.

Space Nicks HD also includes ‘Paint Nicks’! 5 coloring pages, now with even more colors to choose from! Children can spend hours coloring their favorite Space Nicks.



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