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Shelton Holiday Craft Festival – Epilogue

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it SNOW!


Never. I mean never Double Dare the Craft Show gods. You’re just looking for trouble, man.

Snow. So much snow. The Shelton Holiday Craft Festivial on December 14th was a bust. If I wasn’t only 2 miles from the where the craft show was held, I probably wouldn’t have gone myself. As it was, only 3 other vendors showed up which made the space appear VERY empty. Customers were few and far between and after only 2 hours the other vendors wanted to split. Two vendors left by 1p but because I was staying, one other vendor decided to stay with me and she was promptly rewarded by a snow infused customer that came almost immediately after the others left and bought a bunch of her items (not mine, hers).
In the end we toughed it out until 2:30p and then packed it in. In 4 and a half hours I managed to sell one box of greeting cards. I told Heidi that even in that weather I expected to sell a minimum of 5 books and if I didn’t, I’d be depressed. Well, guess what…

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