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It’s a TRAP!!!!!!

Finally on Amazon, but… Oh Amazon Developers Support, why must you be so vague?

After failing to get our Kindle Fire HD version of Space Nicks to Amazon last year. It was our priority to release the new version for this year. At times it was tough going. My App Development skills are still in their infancy so I found building for Android on my Mac a bit trying at times. It didn’t help that Amazon’s Developers uploading directions seemed surprisingly vague at times.  With the ‘2 steps forward and 1 step backwards’ regime, Space Nicks was approved by Amazon and uploaded to their Appstore today.

Unfortunately I discovered that I was turned down for the Developers Select program because the Screenshots I provided for the app were not the required resolution size. They were proper sizes mind you, but if you chose to tick the ‘Developers Select’ checkbox, the Screenshots are REQUIRED to be at minimum, 1280×720.  You would think that if you tick the checkmark, you would get a warning about your images, but no. And since I had created the screenshots BEFORE the Developer Select program was available, I didn’t realize I was walking into a trap.

It's a TRAP!!!!

It’s a TRAP!!!!

Now to Amazon Support. Lol.

My question to them was ‘When I re-submit the app (update), do I have to submit a brand new binary file with the update being re-titled Version 1.1 (from Version1.0) OR can I just resubmit the ORIGINAL binary file, since the only problem were the screenshots that are delivered OUTSIDE of the binary anyway.

After waiting 24 hrs, they replied….. “yes, you can.”

WTF? Lol. Yes to which?

It took 2 more attempts. The latest contradicting their 2nd reply. Anyway, will have to wait until tomorrow to try. Stay tuned/

I will now have to re-submit the whole app as an update to be eligible for this program. I should stress that the size of the Screenshots I provided to Amazon was one suggested by Amazon during the upload process. Maybe Amazon should let you know on the upload page once you check the Developer’s Select box NO IMAGES UNDER XXXX size will be accepted. Just saying.


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