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Holiday Carousel of Crafts Showcase – Epilogue

Winter Storm Part II

Having two Craft Shows spoiled by one Winter Storm was something I hadn’t anticipated, but…. The Holiday Carousel of Crafts Showcase on December 15th at the Trumbull Marriott suffered greatly from the ill effects of the previous days winter blast.
Once again, we had many no show vendors. Yes, the weather was a big factor, but mainly it was because they hadn’t paid the promoter in advance. The weather sucked, but was a million times better than the day before during the snowstorm. If they had deposits involved, they would have been there.
The upside was I finally made a profit, but not enough to break even for the money I lost at the Shelton Holiday Craft Festival the day before. Plus, as I told a vendor, I’m not here to ‘break even’.
It is truly a shame about the weather because, for what I sell, I need lots of foot traffic, so people can loiter by tables without feeling uncomfortable or pressured. I believe my books, original prints and original greeting cards are more ‘impulse buys’, you know… ‘Oh wait, this book would be great for ‘so and so’.
Even though it was better than the other shows by 3:30p most of the vendors were packed and gone. By 4p I was there by myself in a giant conference room. I was packed by 4:30p and gone. The show was supposed to be from 11a-5p.
Most of the vendors had had it with the promoter. Most were quietly saying amongst each other that they wouldn’t sell at his shows anymore, until a woman selling jewelry to my left totally lost her shit! “Get away from me or I’ll CHOKE YOU!!!! You’re TERRIBLE!!!! We should have WATER!!! Where’s the COFFEE??? Where are the SIGNS???? You have to promote the shows in the NEWSPAPER!!!!” She was screaming like a mad woman. Which sucked because even though there weren’t many customers at the time of her meltdown, there were a few. I felt bad for the promoter, he seems like a nice guy and the woman’s meltdown was incredibly unprofessional. Jeez, take it outside!
Take the weather out of the equation and I believe I easily double my sales, but what are you going to do? Like I said, never ever Double Dare the Craft Show gods. It’s just plain trouble, man.

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