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Clint Eastwood Josey Wales ‘LickedinPop Series’

Clint Eastwood Josey Wales 'LickedinPop Series'

Clint Eastwood Josey Wales ‘LickedinPop Series’

Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’, boy. – Josey Wales

Clint 2

I had an old art school friend at DuCret School of the Arts in Plainfield N.J. that always drew Clint Eastwood and his Josey Wales character. I remember a particularly good pencil drawing he did. Clint’s coolness got me drawing him too. In fact, my first ‘good’ airbrush painting was a portrait of Eastwood which has been in my friend Tony’s collection for years now.

Personally, The Outlaw Josey Wales is one of my top three Eastwood movies. Others rise and fall with time (High Plains DrifterThe Good the Bad and the Ugly and Dirty Harry), but Josey never ever slips below third. This movie and Unforgiven are that good. Think the complete opposite of Eastwood’s Jersey Boys!


When I get to likin’ someone, they ain’t around long.


Josey Wales is a fictional character created by author Forrest Carter, for his novel The Rebel Outlaw: Josey Wales (republished in 1975 as Gone to Texas). Clint Eastwood cites Josey as his personal favorite of all the movies he’s made.

Philip Kaufman started to direct the film but was replaced by Clint Eastwood, a controversial move which prompted the DGA to institute a ban on any current cast or crew member replacing the director on a film – a rule which has ever since been titled the “Eastwood rule.” According to Eastwood biographer Marc Eliot part of the acrimony between the two married men was a result of both asking female lead Sondra Locke out to dinner on the same night.

The movie received mixed reviews on its release, but it wasn’t until a few years later that aficionado Orson Welles, during a guest appearance on The Merv Griffin Show (1962), declared: “When I saw that picture for the fourth time, I realized that it belongs with the great Westerns. You know, the great Westerns of Ford and Hawks and people like that.”


Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?


Clint 1

All work in the LickedinPop Series begins as an original pen and Ink illustration. Rich and colorful, it is my homage to the work of Roy Lichtenstein tuned to my favorites in pop culture. Beautiful reproductions of  ‘Clint Eastwood – Josey Wales’ and all my work in the LickedinPop Series are available for sale at my Etsy Store. Please come visit!

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