Marlene Dietrich LickedinPop Series Illustration

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'Marlene' LickediinPop Series

‘Marlene’ LickediinPop Series

“In America, sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it’s a fact.” – Marlene Dietrich


The latest entry in my ‘LickedinPop’ series is the wonderful Hollywood legend, Marlene Dietrich. Known for her sultry, sex appeal, she was a major leading lady in the 1930s and 1940s. She explored notions of feminism with her femme fatale roles in films, such as in the film Morocco. Continuing to play the femme fatale, Dietrich challenged accepted notions of femininity. She often wore pants and more masculine fashions on- and off-screen, which added to her unique allure and created new trends.

All work in the LickedinPop Series begins as an original pen and Ink illustration. Rich and colorful, it is my homage to the work of Roy Lichtenstein tuned to my favorites in pop culture.

Beautiful reproductions of ‘Marlene Dietrich’ and all my work in the LickedinPop Series are available for sale at my Etsy Store. Please come visit!Framed 'Marlene' LickedinPop Series Illustration’s ‘Autism Acceptance Month’

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Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month

Stubborn Pixel is participating in Smartappsforkids ‘Autism Acceptance Month’. For the entire month our Christmas storybook app, ‘Saint Nick and the Space Nicks’ will be 67% off. Written by Richard Chase Mears, Space Nicks is a clever twist on the traditional Christmas tale. Santa discovers that Christmas is not bound to earth alone. He meets Venick, a Space Nick from Venus that has lost his way and in danger of not completing his own Christmas deliveries. When Santa decides to help they meet all the Space Nicks from all the planets in the galaxy!

iPad _iPhone2

 Saint Nick and the Space Nicks HD

Only .99¢ 

Space Nicks Hd is available for iPad at the iTunes Store and also for Kindle Fire HD at Amazon’s Appstore.

Wonderfully narrated by NPR’s Robert Krulwich.

Written by Richard Chase Mears.

32 pages of whimsically detailed illustrations by Bill Westerfield with hundreds of interactive buttons, visible and hidden, that trigger animations, draggle objects and silly sound effects that kids will love!.

Space Nicks HD also includes ‘Paint Nicks’! 5 coloring pages, now with even more colors to choose from! Children can spend hours coloring their favorite Space Nicks.



Blogging sucks….

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It does. I’m not good at it. There are just a million other things to do.

Blogging Sucks

Blogging Sucks

This is my first post in 6 months. It’s not like I haven’t been nothing. I got my Etsy Store online with all the promo photos that go with it. Hell, I’m still working on the promo photos.

I’m on the 4th draft of my first full length book. I don’t want to say too much about that because then I won’t be able to do a separate post about it. I’ll just say it’s good. Lol.

So to repeat myself, blogging sucks. But I’ll do my best.

Introducing Stubborn Pixel Studios Etsy Shop

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Etsy banner_isell_3

Stubborn Pixel is proud to announce the opening of our Etsy Shop.

Stubborn Pixel Studios has original artwork created by myself (Bill Westerfield).

Stubborn Pixel Studios Etsy Store is filled with Giclee prints of my original illustrations and watercolors. Including my popular LickedinPop Series. Plus an original Christmas children’s book that I produced and self-published and a selection of greeting cards.

I am a graduate from DuCret School of the Arts and I’ve studied at The Arts Students League in NYC. Besides this crazy artist stuff, I am also a BDA, Peabody and Emmy award winning artist for ABC News.


Please take a few minutes an check out my store. I’m sure you find something you’ll like! Just click on the Etsy banner above. 


I design and execute everything here with top-quality paints, inks and archival papers. Each item listed will detail the particulars of the materials and process used to create it. I want my customers to be as happy with their purchase as I have been in the process of creating each piece.

PLEASE NOTE: I have my prints custom made to order and then I ship them once per week. Please allow a maximum of 7-10 business days for routine print orders. If you need expedited delivery, please contact me before ordering.


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I like to draw. I like to draw realistically and I like drawing cartoons. I’ve been doing it for a long time. LickedinPop is a series that embodies what I like best from contemporary artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Pop Art, music,  old movies and not to mention good humor.

I wanted to take my pen & ink drawings and infuse them with a sense of all these characteristics. I’m enjoying the results so far.


Superman LickedinPop

Superman LickedinPop

Elvis LickedinPop

Elvis LickedinPop

Satchmo LickedinPop

Satchmo LickedinPop

Sinatra LickedinPop

Sinatra LickedinPop

MIles LickedinPop

MIles LickedinPop

Lennon LickedinPop

Lennon LickedinPop






Branding Stubborn Pixel

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I created Stubborn Pixel as an outlet for my creative side that I can not express in my ‘real’ job as a graphic artist/animator at ABC-TV. First with the Space Nicks Storybook app and now with my  illustrations.  To celebrate, for lack of a better word, the meaning of Stubborn Pixel which is a marriage of the digital and traditional worlds of art here is a series of my branded illustrations. Each illustration began as an original pen & ink drawing. I hope you enjoy.

Straight Jacket

“I don’t normally use photoshop, but when I do, I use the crap of of it.”


Remove from Photoshop al dente, serve with anything George wants.


Give me one Photoshop, extra cheese with pepperoni please.


All the things you like from photoshop, now with half the calories!


Simmer in Photoshop until sauce begins to reduce. Very important to keep stirring for the last 3 minutes!

Roy Batty

“I have seen things in photoshop you people wouldn’t believe…”