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Space Nicks Book!

Huzzah!!! Oh Bugger!!! Huzzah!!!!


We successfully uploaded the new version to Amazon with the proper sizes for the screenshots. Now we wait for the final approval from the Developers Select Program. Presently we are PENDING. With building complete, we are now gearing for promotion. Fingers crossed we make good headway. The 3rd promo animation is nearly complete. Music, CHECK. Sound Effects, CHECK. All we need is the voiceover. Too bad I kind of suck … Read More →

It’s a TRAP!!!!!!

General Akbar

Finally on Amazon, but… Oh Amazon Developers Support, why must you be so vague? After failing to get our Kindle Fire HD version of Space Nicks to Amazon last year. It was our priority to release the new version for this year. At times it was tough going. My App Development skills are still in their infancy so I found building for Android on my Mac a bit trying at times. … Read More →

Kindle Fire HD version of Space Nicks is here!


Space Nicks Land on Amazon! Let’s get our Gift On!!! Click on image to head over to Amazon and order your copy of Space Nicks for Kindle Fire HD now! After tons of work Bill Westerfield and Stubborn Pixel are proud to present Saint Nick and the Space Nicks for Kindle Fire HD! Amazon has approved the Space Nicks app and it is now available on Amazon’s Appstore. Richard Chase … Read More →

Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

Distant Relatives

  Okay, here we go! It is only fitting that our first official blog post is about Space Nicks! Surprise, surprise! The holiday season is right around the corner and we have bee furiously working to finish completing work on the Saint Nick and the Space Nicks storybook apps. The brand new version for iPad with Retina Display – Saint Nick and the Space Nicks HD – was released on … Read More →