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Danbury Holiday Spectacular Arts & Crafts Showcase

Ok, lets try this again. My confidence should be higher by default, as the name of this Craft Show is ‘Holiday Spectacular’ which suits my Christmas theme just fine. Holiday Spectacular Arts & Crafts Showcase Ethan Allen Hotel / Conference Center, 21 Lake Ave, Danbury, CT Hours 11 – 5 p

Southbury Autumn Craft Festival epilogue


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 2 steps forward. 1 step backward. Well…. at least we sold a few items. Unfortunately, we didn’t sell enough to come out in the black. We didn’t even cover the $110 entrance fee. At first I thought we’d have a little trouble when we got there. An exhibitor that was assigned to be next to us was squeezing into our space with her suitcase to ‘save’ room for a … Read More →

Southbury Autumn Craft Festival 2

The Southbury Autumn Craft Festival is fast approaching this weekend. Am I ready? Well, maybe. My Greeting Card Display stand arrived from Amazon last night. I drove to Alphabet City in NYC last saturday to pick up the 2 metal free standing display stands (for my artwork prints) from Victoria. The only thing left is completing printing and packaging my artwork. The big question is do I keep with a … Read More →

Southbury Autumn Craft Festival

Bi-plane Santa

We are going to be doing several Craft Shows this holiday season to help promote Stubborn Pixel and Saint Nick and the Space Nicks. We’re planning to sell Handmade Holiday Greeting cards, prints and copies of the original ‘Saint Nick and the Space Nicks’ children’s book. The first show will be  Saturday, November 10th at the Southbury Autumn Craft Festival Crowne Plaza, 1284 Strongtown Rd., Southbury, CT Hours 11 – … Read More →