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Eldur – The Butterfly Princess


ELDUR THE CROCODILE “Ruckus? That’s what you call this? You said this crocodile would help me. I’d have more luck with a Fart Troll.” Rose hovered over the crocodile’s long toothy snout and kicked him in the nose. “You’re a brute.” Eldur squinted, following her flitting wings. “I’m a crocodile. You sat on my log,” he grumbled. Nouka shrugged as if to say, well, he is a crocodile. “It’s just … Read More →

Introducing ‘The Butterfly Princess’


Written and illustrated by Bill Westerfield Welcome to the kingdom of Golden Hill. A world of magical creatures, witches, talking animals and one incredibly brave young girl. I am proud to introduce my first novel, ‘The Butterfly Princess’, a middle-grade fantasy following the footsteps of CS Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The Butterfly Princess will never be better than it is in my head. In there, inside … Read More →

Frankenstein ‘LickedinPop Series’

FRANKENSTEIN – The Man Who Made A Monster LickedinPop Series

  The Man Who Made a Monster Frankenstein was the coolest. Wait… check that. Karloff’s Frankenstein was the coolest. It was perfect casting. Even in the first movie when the monster is just a rampaging beast, Karloff still manages to make him sympathetic. Just look at what happened when Chaney and then Lugosi took over the role. Both just copy the original, but unfortunately for Lugosi when he portrayed the … Read More →

Elvis Presley ‘LickedinPop Series’

Elvis Presley ‘LickedinPop Series’

I’m No Hillbilly Singer! – Elvis Presley I went to Paris for the first time in 1985 to visit my friend, painter Frank Bruckmann. Frank had left Plainfield, N.J. the previous year to pursue his dream of being a painter in Paris. Paris, France not Paris, Texas for all you philistines! Anyway during my visit, another friend, Rafael Sanchez from our art school (DuCret School of the Arts) was in … Read More →

Blade Runner’s Roy Batty LickedinPop Series

Blade 2

It’s not an easy thing to meet your maker I saw Blade Runner for the first time when it opened in 1982 at a theater in Westfield, NJ with my friend, Louanne. The movie was highly anticipated, at least in my neck of the woods and we waited on line for our showing. I remember as we waited, the earlier showing ended and those movie-goers had to pass by us. We noticed two … Read More →

Jeff Chandler ‘LickedinPop Series’

Jeff 1

The Big Gray I was particularly drawn to this studio pose of Jeff Chandler as a boxer. Before I did the pen and ink illustration of it in my 3rd sketchbook, I did a finished oil painting of it. The only difference was I made the pen and ink version more of a caricature.  Check out the photo on the left. It’s from the same photo shoot that the illustration was … Read More →

Run-D.M.C. ‘LickedinPop Series’

Run 1

I’m the king of rock, there is none higher. Sucker MC’s should call me sire. The original pen and ink for my Run DMC illustration is in my 7th sketchbook. The ‘LickedinPop Series’ needed a little edge. Run–D.M.C. took hardcore hip-hop from an underground street sensation to a pop-culture phenomenon. Although earlier artists, such as Grandmaster Flash and The Sugarhill Gang, made rap’s initial strides on the airwaves, it was Run–D.M.C. that introduced … Read More →

Frank Sinatra ‘LickedinPop Series’

Frank Sinatra ‘LickedinPop Series’

The Best Revenge is Massive Success!!! – Frank Sinatra I like to draw. I like to draw realistically and I like drawing cartoons. I’ve been doing it for a long time. The original pen and ink illustration of  a young Frank Sinatra was drawn in my 4th sketchbook. The LickedinPop Series embodies what I like best from contemporary artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Pop Art, music,  old movies and not to mention … Read More →

Miles Davis ‘LickedinPop Series’

Miles Davis ‘LickedinPop Series’

I’ll play it first and tell you what it is later. – Miles Davis My ‘Miles Davis’ pen and ink illustration comes from my 8th sketchbook. This was during a period of being extremely fixated on cross hatching and attention to detail. The background might have taken as much time to do as the inking of Miles himself. This attention to detail made bringing him to the ‘LickedinPop Series’ a no … Read More →

Louis Armstrong Satchmo ‘LickedinPop Series’

Louis Armstrong Satchmo ‘LickedinPop Series’

‘All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard a horse sing a song.’ – Louis Armstrong This was one of my favorite drawings in my 7th sketchbook. I thought I nailed his likeness with the pen and ink. Bringing Satchmo into the ‘LickedinPop Series’ was a priority to anchor the musicians. When I was a kid I remember seeing Louis Armstrong all the time on the Ed Sullivan Show, … Read More →