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Branding Stubborn Pixel

I created Stubborn Pixel as an outlet for my creative side that I can not express in my ‘real’ job as a graphic artist/animator at ABC-TV. First with the Space Nicks Storybook app and now with my  illustrations.  To celebrate, for lack of a better word, the meaning of Stubborn Pixel which is a marriage of the digital and traditional worlds of art here is a series of my branded illustrations. Each illustration began as an original pen & ink drawing. I hope you enjoy.

Straight Jacket

“I don’t normally use photoshop, but when I do, I use the crap of of it.”


Remove from Photoshop al dente, serve with anything George wants.


Give me one Photoshop, extra cheese with pepperoni please.


All the things you like from photoshop, now with half the calories!


Simmer in Photoshop until sauce begins to reduce. Very important to keep stirring for the last 3 minutes!

Roy Batty

“I have seen things in photoshop you people wouldn’t believe…”


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