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Booth Hill PTA Space Nicks Book Sale

The Space Nicks Came and Everyone enjoyed themselves 

Space Nicks Book Cover

Space Nicks Book Cover

Many thanks to Lara Walden, Heidi Westerfield  and the Booth Hill PTA for setting up a successful sale of Saint Nick and the Space Nicks at the entranceway of the Booth Hill School in Trumbull on the last day before Christmas break on December 20th.
We did much better than I expected, especially after all the bad luck we had with the Craft Shows. We ended up selling 31 books and giving away over 21 free promo codes for the iPad storybook app version of Space Nicks HD! That’s 11 more books than my highest expectation. After the bad luck at the Craft Shows I became VERY gun shy and had lowered my estimate number to only 5 books so I was quite pleased.
I have to admit I was quite unprepared to have that many people standing in line waiting to have their book signed by me. Lol. But, it was all good and Stubborn Pixel will be able to give the Booth Hill PTA a nice donation of almost $235 for 1.5 hours work.

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