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Hey you pixels, Get off my lawn!!!

Here’s the story. Bill Westerfield is a BDA, Emmy and Peabody award winning Graphic Designer with over 30 years of experience in Broadcast Television Graphics.

Starting in TV as a ‘real’ artist, he originally created graphics the old school way in pastel and color pencil, before moving on to airbrush. Jumping to ditigal, Bill embraced Quantel’s Paintbox for years before moving to Quantel’s editing system, Hal. After a brief stint on Discreet’s Inferno he landed on Vizrt’s Viz Artist system. To all these systems Bill has brought his strong sense of design and skill as an artist to set himself apart.

Bill created Stubborn Pixel for a fairly simple reason, a fierce dedication to continually evolve and discover new venues to create in. Stubborn Pixel is a marriage of the Old School world of artistic talent and the New Digital World. Together it makes a formidable partnership

Illustration. Animation. Character Design, App Development. Stubborn Pixel likes to keep it on the playful side, but have no qualms delving into serious editorial graphics. 30 years of Television Broadcast Graphics experience has led to a sharp eye and when necessary, a quick turn around.

Mitigating Circumstances

Stubborn Pixel would like to use their blog, mitigating circumstances, to not only promote their own creative endeavors, but also shine a spotlight on their friends; fellow artists, animators, designers, writers and app developers by posting their events and successes here.

As we all know, most times being talented isn’t enough. Sometimes we need a little help, a little push and most of all… a little luck.

There are so many talented artists out there that just haven’t found the ‘Open Door’ most of us are looking for. The door that leads to successfully capitalizing on our talent. Too many times our efforts lead to only the ones that are locked. We want to pick that lock.

Okay then, enough with this verbal assault of your minds. Let’s go open some doors.

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