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Two Rooks – The Butterfly Princess


PHILLY AND SHU A voice filled Philly’s head, but it wasn’t his mistress’s. It wasn’t painful like hers, but if he listened, it could be just as dangerous. Promise me. Shu has a good heart, but he isn’t strong like you or me. You must protect him. His wife’s request repeated in his head. Protect Shu. Keep him safe. Steady as a drum beat. (excerpt from The Butterfly Princess) THE … Read More →

Kuda – The Butterfly Princess


KUDA THE TREE TROLL The creature’s stout body twisted like the trunk of a bonsai tree. The head hung below hunched shoulders covered with flaky scales. Long spindly arms rested on knobby knees. Unlike their relatives, tree trolls were renowned for their gentle disposition, intelligence, and relatively small size. They preferred privacy but tolerated the inevitable intrusions by other creatures seeking their wisdom. (excerpt from The Butterfly Princess)  THE STORY … Read More →

The Dragon – The Butterfly Princess


THE DRAGON’S EGG “Look,” I breathed. A crack appeared in the egg. Another crack— then another. The egg wobbled. A chip of the egg’s shell came off. A coal-black eye appeared at the hole. It inspected the new world, blinked, then moved away from the crack. The egg shuttered. Another chip broke free. A claw poked through. Then Golden Hill’s first dragon popped out of its egg. (excerpt from The … Read More →

Eldur – The Butterfly Princess


ELDUR THE CROCODILE “Ruckus? That’s what you call this? You said this crocodile would help me. I’d have more luck with a Fart Troll.” Rose hovered over the crocodile’s long toothy snout and kicked him in the nose. “You’re a brute.” Eldur squinted, following her flitting wings. “I’m a crocodile. You sat on my log,” he grumbled. Nouka shrugged as if to say, well, he is a crocodile. “It’s just … Read More →

Introducing ‘The Butterfly Princess’


Written and illustrated by Bill Westerfield Welcome to the kingdom of Golden Hill. A world of magical creatures, witches, talking animals and one incredibly brave young girl. I am proud to introduce my first novel, ‘The Butterfly Princess’, a middle-grade fantasy following the footsteps of CS Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The Butterfly Princess will never be better than it is in my head. In there, inside … Read More →