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Superman LickedinPop

I like to draw. I like to draw realistically and I like drawing cartoons. I’ve been doing it for a long time. LickedinPop is a series that embodies what I like best from contemporary artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Pop Art, music,  old movies and not to mention good humor. I wanted to take my pen & ink drawings and infuse them with a sense of all these characteristics. I’m enjoying … Read More →

Branding Stubborn Pixel


I created Stubborn Pixel as an outlet for my creative side that I can not express in my ‘real’ job as a graphic artist/animator at ABC-TV. First with the Space Nicks Storybook app and now with my  illustrations.  To celebrate, for lack of a better word, the meaning of Stubborn Pixel which is a marriage of the digital and traditional worlds of art here is a series of my branded … Read More →