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Introducing Stubborn Pixel Studios Etsy Shop

Stubborn Pixel is proud to announce the opening of our Etsy Shop. Stubborn Pixel Studios has original artwork created by myself (Bill Westerfield). Stubborn Pixel Studios Etsy Store is filled with Giclee prints of my original illustrations and watercolors. Including my popular LickedinPop Series. Plus an original Christmas children’s book that I produced and self-published and a selection of greeting cards. I am a graduate from DuCret School of the Arts … Read More →

More LickedinPop

Frankenstein’s Bride LickedinPop

What happens when an original Pen & Ink illustration has a decadent  liasion with photoshop Music. Movies. TV. Celebrities. My favorite pen and ink illustrations turn into to Pop Art. This is fun.  


Superman LickedinPop

I like to draw. I like to draw realistically and I like drawing cartoons. I’ve been doing it for a long time. LickedinPop is a series that embodies what I like best from contemporary artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Pop Art, music,  old movies and not to mention good humor. I wanted to take my pen & ink drawings and infuse them with a sense of all these characteristics. I’m enjoying … Read More →

Branding Stubborn Pixel


I created Stubborn Pixel as an outlet for my creative side that I can not express in my ‘real’ job as a graphic artist/animator at ABC-TV. First with the Space Nicks Storybook app and now with my  illustrations.  To celebrate, for lack of a better word, the meaning of Stubborn Pixel which is a marriage of the digital and traditional worlds of art here is a series of my branded … Read More →